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By tending to the four aspects of humanity ā€“ spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical ā€“ I can help you engage in an alchemic whole human remapping practice to emerge soulfully aligned, rejuvenated, and financially embodied.

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Hello, Iā€™m


And most people know me as:

Visionary CEO of The LivWeal Institute

Home to a budding personal growth movement that features some of the most comprehensive and powerful processes to unlock your inner freedom and financial potential.

The creator of the Nature of Money podcast

An ongoing conversation exploring what nature, science, and human behavior can teach us about the answers to wealth that live right under our feet, in the soil and roots of our lives.

A manifestor, wealth philosopher, and money therapist

An expert in human and organizational behavior, focusing on the relationship leaders have with their wealth and money and helping people experience a deep sense of intimacy, satisfaction, peace, and financial freedom.

A Master of Ceremonies, speaker, and advocate

A longtime career entrepreneur, passionate about empowering leaders and female founders to end emotional poverty and embrace the idea of living wealthy.

My Mission

1 Million World Leaders, Emotionally and Financially Liberated

With a storied background in founding, building, developing, and investing in unique and diverse companies, Jennifer focuses on products that are good for you and the world.

In addition to the LivWeal Institute, Her business portfolio includes:

NibMor, a chocolate company featuring shareable, snackable, guilt-free chocolates that are certified organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

Loliware, a company advancing a new category of materials designed to lead the world toward a plastics-free future.


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Ending emotional poverty – Liberating the joy in your success

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